Andrea Rubini - Technical Director

Andrea Rubini, Water Resource D.Eng., is a Senior European Policy Expert with long experience in water management, energy, food security and the related nexus. He has gained more than 20 years of experience in the multi-level European lobbying context. His previous experience overseas with the UNDP and other international organisations completes his profile. 

WssTP - European Water Technology Platform

WssTP is the recognized voice and promoter of water-related RTD and innovation in Europe. It aims at increasing the coordination and collaboration, to enhance the performance of the water service providers, water users, technology providers, in a sustainable and inclusive way. WssTP is widely recognized by the EC as a key reference organisation and provides strategic answers for water challenges. WssTP has around 190 members from industries, academics, researchers, policy makers and water utilities.

Av. Edmond van Nieuwenhuyse 4
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