AlgaEurope - December 2017


INCOVER project was highly active in AlgaEurope 2017, (5-7 Diciembre, Berlín). The conference was a great success, with 230 delegates from 35 countries, 57 oral presentations (2 from INCOVER project), a discussion pannel and 60 posters (2 from INCOVER).

oPanel discussion with  the participation of Enrique Lara, moderator Rene Wijffels : “Algae biomass production- On the road to market deployment”.

oPoster presentation by Enrique Lara, “Innovative technologies for a cost-effective biogas upgrading in wastewater treatment plants” Rodero M.R1, Raquel Lebrero, Marín D, Enrique Lara, Zouhayr Arbib, Raul Muñoz. 

oPoster presentation by Enrique Lara. “HRAP retrofitting for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates using bacterial photosynthetic mixed cultures treating domestic wastewater and agricultural wastes”  Joana Fradinho, José Pedro Aranha, Juliana Almeida, Enrique Lara, Adrian Oehmen, Maria A.M. Reis.

oOral presentation by aqualia subcontractor, DB&Tech “RW geometry and mixing optimization for the H2020 INCOVER project” Javier Dávila, Alonso Fernández, Enrique Lara, Zouhayr Arbib  

oOral presentation by Norbert Kohlheb “Sustainability assessment of novel HRAP technologies in WWT” Norbert Kohlheb, Enrique Lara


Presentation by Enrique Lara on Bio-plastic production (AQUALIA)