Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) in Brussels on 12th June 2018


ISLE and AIMEN attended the Investors’ café organised by the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) in Brussels on 12th June 2018.


Almost 100 attendees participated at EASME’s “Promoting market-ready water innovations – Investors’ café”, an event dedicated to exploitation, investment and market uptake of eco-innovative solutions in water and circular economy.

INCOVER was one of the participant projects at the Investors' café.

"The Investors’ café was an important occasion to bring together innovators and investors and contribute to building a bridge between these two communities."



AIMEN (AIMEN Technology Centre) is the coordinator for the INCOVER project. Their expertise lie in developing and strengthening the competitive capacities of companies through the promotion and execution of R&D&I activities, as well as providing technological services of high added value.


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