FINoT Irrigation Controller in Agropolis, Barcelona



A smart irrigation system consists of the conventional hydraulic and electric parts and ICT/ electronic equipment that optimizes the system’s functional usage. For INCOVER case, a drip irrigation system was selected which promises the highest water application efficiency when compared to other methods. And of course, the pump was also sourced off-the-shelf from a traditional irrigation equipment trader.

Within INCOVER, the niche ICT parts that adds intelligence to the hydraulic and electric sub-systems-FINoT objects- were developed in-house by FINT. These create a local wireless network that is mastered by FINoT gateway, which gets (microclimate) data from the FINoT agri-node and forces manual or automatic remote actuation of the irrigation through the FINoT’s irrigation controller/ node.

FINoT irrigation controller is attached to the pump’s master valve and its role is to activate electrovalves for irrigating a proximate cultivated with rapeseed area with water that was re-treated by the INCOVER fellows.


FINoT irrigation node 


FINT’s irrigation controller is a capable IPv6 compatible network node that wirelessly connects on the Internet and thus remotely controls the system’s electro valves that irrigate the two irrigation blocks that have been created for Agropolis- INCOVER’s first case-study.


FINoT controllable electrovalves

Over the air irrigation scheduling is now feasible while the next target is to create the appropriate irrigation parameters’ setting that takes into account the real-time environmental and crop conditions under a user-friendly and convenient interface. The FIWARE-based software platform that enables user’s inserted data (e.g. crop calendar) and additional third-party systems is expected to influence the final irrigation program/ scheduling decision.



The under irrigation area