FINT’s Internet of Things platform- FINoT



The system’s local telecom master- FINoT gateway- can easily control dozens of additional sensing or actuating nodes in a plug’ n’ play manner.



FINoT Gateway




In fact, the use of the standardized communication protocol 6LoWPAN specifies that hundreds of FINoT node-enabled soil, air, flow meter sensors and actuators are networked under a single gateway. 




FINoT agri (soil and air) node




Bearing in mind that a single FINoT node controls up to four heterogeneous objects then the system scales to a wirelessly monitoring system that controls hundreds of measurement or actuation units.




FINT's IoT Platform



Having said that, the era when connected objects are everywhere around facilities making their performance more controllable and thus efficient and effective is not far from now. And standardized, easily expandable, interoperable and vendor-agnostic solutions have started paving that way.