First Dialogue Workshop - June 2017 - Leipzig


On the 29th of June, the first INCOVER Dialogue Workshop was organized by ICLEI, at UFZ facilities, in Leipzig, Germany. The purpose of this Dialogue Workshop was to engage in a deeper and more targeted discussion on questions and issues relevant to Case Study 3. The target audience was industries and water utilities interested in the products produced by the UFZ.

The workshop was attended by 18 participants, including advisory board members (WssTP, Agraçor, Aguas do Porto), representatives of companies such as Vogelbusch Biocommodities GmbH and INCOVER partners.

The meeting started off with an overview of INCOVER presented by the project coordinator, Juan Alvarez, followed by a description of the Case Study by Mi-Yong Lee from UFZ and a site visit. Following the site visit, participants broke out into two groups to discuss different sets of questions proposed by UFZ in a World Café format. It was an opportunity to go into more details regarding the technologies and by-products of case study 3 and to receive expert guidance and advice from key stakeholders.

Following the breakout discussions, participants reassembled and each table facilitator gave an overview and a summary of the key points discussed at his/her table. 


World Café Breakout, Source: ICLEI ES