GlobeForum2018, 14th - 16th March, Vancouver


Our colleagues from FINT will attend the GlobeForum 2018  in Vancouver to present their IoT solutions for Sustainable Business and their involvment in INCOVER project. 

Internet of Things technologies enable physical objects’ connection on the Internet, remote management of them and ultimately machine-learning decision making without human’s intervention. FINT’s role as a Telecom Engineering service provider is to build the hardware telecom devices and software modules that enable objects’ transition online. The heavy use of standards in physical, communication, network and application (OSI) layers ensure that these interventions can be object-agnostic, scalable, interoperable with other similar systems and thus expandable to cross-domain business verticals (smart cities/ agriculture/ water). 

More precisely, GlobeForum2018 Expo visitors and Theatre’s attendees will be introduced in the eco-innovative Waste-Water Management INCOVER project and the added value an IoT provider brings in. Attendees will also have the chance to familiarize with FINT’s portfolio of commercial IoT solutions in the area of Smart Outdoor Lighting, Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture.