Happy new year 2018 !


Dear reader,

On behalf of the whole INCOVER team, I am pleased to wish you a happy new year 2018 full of new wastewater valorization opportunities. During this new year, we will try to continue to demonstrate that wastewater can be a source of added-value bioproducts instead of a source of problems for society.

Last year, we made great efforts to start running demo-sites and develop INCOVER technologies. We also tried to capture the opinion of interested stakeholders about them.

In the next months, we will continue to validate our technologies in INCOVER demo-sites in order to transfer our knowledge to markets, policy makers and end users. We will continue to test INCOVER technologies in real situations: growing algae, yeast and plants, irrigating with reclaimed water, producing bioenergy, chemicals, fertilizers and so on. We will study economic, social and environmental benefits, and how to fit INCOVER technologies to different situations, depending on the plant size, the source of water or the end users´ demands.

INCOVER team will keep moving around the world to explain our experience with INCOVER technologies. We would like to do our bit to help our planet to be a better place to live.

Please, continue to follow us on the web and social networks and keep in touch to have more information on INCOVER project events and workshops.

Kind regards,


Juan Antonio Álvarez Rodríguez. INCOVER Project coordinator.