The consortium has already tested INCOVER technologies individually at lab scale. The innovation of INCOVER project comes from the combination of all INCOVER technologies, for a bio-production and resource recovery-based wastewater treatment. The description of each technology is as follows:

Smart irrigation system

Future Intelligence will transform a dummy, black-box like, irrigation system to a smart one with novel Internet of Things (IoT) based sensing and actuating capabilities, which can be easily monitored and controlled from a web based application. “Smart” is an object/system that perceives its current situation and understands the context under which it operates. This will be achieved by a wireless sensor network that will be deployed based on globally standardized technologies that promise further integration of any kind of sensing and actuating capabilities - including the majority of vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications. The main focus will be on the safe and secure operation of the irrigation systems themselves, while input data from farms will be used to optimize water and overall energy usage. As a result, precision farming techniques through advanced IoT deployments are being diffused in rural areas, minimizing the digital divide and creating digital content for the local communities that will facilitate their inclusion in the Digital Single Market among others. Further systems integration (e.g. DSS) in the area of resources circularity might be revealed, creating positive side-effects and potential business synergies for FINT technology portfolio.