INCOVER added-value solutions will generate benefits from wastewater, through chemical recovery, energy recovery, bio-production and reclaimed water. Find here the description of the main final products of INCOVER solutions.



One of the targets in INCOVER is to recycle the natural nutrients and carbon present in wastewater components, as bio-fertilizer in order to substitute artificial fertilizers. The bio-fertilizers will be used for growth in crops. Carbon will be used to improve soil quality. One of its qualities is to improve soil water storage capacity.    


With INCOVER solutions, different types of bio-fertilizer are recovered. From planted filters and sludge treatment wetlands, the liquid phase – effluent water - contains small amount of N, P and K, which after disinfection can be used directly for irrigation of crops. 


  • Biofertilizer produced in evaporative system: In the evaporative system, bamboo and willows will take up nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The solids will be retained in the beds, resulting in a carbon source, as partly composted sludge. The water entering the bed will be evaporated.



  • Bio-fertilizer from planted filters :Phragmites australis and Arundo donax are the plants selected for the purification process in planted filters. Heavy metals are not expected to be uptaken up by these plants.





  • Bio-fertilizer from Sludge Treatment Wetlands: After 10-20 years of use, the sludge will build up in the facility and the mineralized sludge must be removed to empty the bed, to use it again.