The consortium has already tested INCOVER technologies individually at lab scale. The innovation of INCOVER project comes from the combination of all INCOVER technologies, for a bio-production and resource recovery-based wastewater treatment. The description of each technology is as follows:

Smart irrigation system


Technology description

FINT designed and developed an Internet of Things (IoT) irrigation controller capable of controlling four different irrigation zones. 

The device enables 

  • remote manual activation of irrigation cycles, 
  • unlimited number of irrigation profiles creation that get periodically in operation 
  • understanding of the surrounding context so that when certain parameters occur the pre-programmed irrigation programme is postponed. 

The above described operational flexibility is accomplished due to the FINoT irrigation scheduler, a powerful software module with Complex Event Processing capabilities also developed within INCOVER. 

FINoT scheduler will be further enhanced to perform fully automated decision-making on the irrigation programme and self-report its actions.  


FINoT Gateway and Sensor Node (Oct 2017), © Future Intelligence


FINoT Irrigation Controller deployment (February 2018), © Future Intelligence



Sub-surface drip, soil transfer and grass rolls deployment (June 2018) in Almeria, © Aqualia-Future Intelligence


Rapeseed (March 2018) and sunflowers (September 2018) being  irrigated by the Smart Surface Drip system, in Agropolis © UPC GEMMA





Key benefits of the technology



  • Vendor-agnostic 
  • based on open-source tools and widely adopted IoT industry standards
  • platform independent 
  • operationally flexible, valve-specific and scalable to tens of zones
  • ubiquitous accessible (cloud-based)



 Objectives by the end of the project

 FINT will bring to market a low-cost, IoT-powered, context-aware Irrigation Controller that meets the needs of Agriculture 2.0 digitally transforming its Agrifood partners.  



 Target application / end-users

  • irrigators (farmers/ cooperatives/ nurseries)
  • irrigation traders
  • irrigation consultants/ designers


Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

 TRL 8 / 9