The consortium has already tested INCOVER technologies individually at lab scale. The innovation of INCOVER project comes from the combination of all INCOVER technologies, for a bio-production and resource recovery-based wastewater treatment. The description of each technology is as follows:

Integral biogas upgrading

Technology description


Photosynthetic biogas upgrading is based on the combined action of alkaliphic microalgae and bacteria prior transfer of the main contaminants of biogas into the cultivation broth (CO2 and H2S). Solar energy drives the photosynthetic assimilation of the CO2 present in biogas into algal biomass, with the concomitant production of an O2 that supports the in-situ oxidation of H2S to SO42-.

This technology was first evaluated with real biogas (270-460 L/h, 60-70 % CH4) in a 32 m2 HRAP at Chiclana de la Frontera site using domestic wastewater (at 3.5 and 8 days of retention time) and centrate (73 days of retention time) with H2S removal efficiencies of 86-100 % and CO2 removal efficiencies of 55-90% (Figure 1).

In addition, a 10 m3 enclosed photobioreactor located at Agropolis of Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya site treating 100 L/h of real biogas (70 % CH4) and 2.3 m3/d of agricultural wastewater supported CO2 removal > 90% and a complete H2S removal  (Figure 2).

A control system will be also developed and validated for the rest of the project.

 Figure 1

Figure 2



Bioproduct obtained : Biomethane



Key benefits of the technology


  • Simultaneous removal of CO2 and H2S in a single step process

  • Treatment of domestic wastewater and centrate can be combined with the purification of biogas



 Objectives by the end of the project


Validation of photosynthetic biogas upgrading in open high rate algal ponds and enclosed photobioreactors using different wastewaters: domestic wastewater, centrate, agricultural wastewater


Target application / end-users

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Organic waste treatment facilities


Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

 TRL 6 /9