The consortium has already tested INCOVER technologies individually at lab scale. The innovation of INCOVER project comes from the combination of all INCOVER technologies, for a bio-production and resource recovery-based wastewater treatment. The description of each technology is as follows:


Solar driven ultrafiltration



Ultrafiltration is a pressure driven membrane process, which is increasingly applied in advanced water treatment processes, particularly to improve the water quality with respect to organic and microbiological parameters. Ultrafiltration technology reliably retains 99.9999% microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.Compared to the conventional treatment, the ultrafiltration process has many advantages such as consistent quality of water produced, savings on water purification chemicals, energy and operational cost as well as easy automation and smaller footprint requirements. Powered by renewable energy, Solarspring uses chemical free ultrafiltration technology in combination with activated carbon filtration and UV-disinfection to produce clean and safe water. The system design covers the whole treatment chain from pumping, purification, disinfection and storage. High quality components, automatic operation with PLC and remote online monitoring are the features of Solarspring’s ultrafiltration systems. Automatic back flush and intelligent energy management make the system extremely efficient, low maintenance, and ideal for remote applications. 



Flow chart of the solar driven ultrafiltration and disinfection system
Solar driven anodic oxidation

Anodic Oxidation permits the utilization of naturally dissolved chloride ions to be converted electrolytically to chlorine gas and hypochlorous acid. Only solar generated electricity and treated wastewater itself is required to run this treatment. By that, the water can be safely disinfected and reused as e.g. process water, irrigation water, and even in household applications such as toilet flush water.

Within INCOVER project, the auto-chlorination process will be integrated into a modular water disinfection system that consists of:

  • a pre-filtration system with automatic backwash
  • an inline electrolytic chlorine generation unit (AO)
  • a water quality control setting based on ORP reading adapted for wastewater utilization 
  • energy supply system based on Solar PV
  • control and online monitoring unit to control and adapt the treatment process 

The complete setting will be integrated into a trailer to allow pilot system testing under different conditions. Within INCOVER, the system will be tested at Almeria WWT plant.

Solar Anodic oxidation (AUTARCON)
Pathogen free water by inline chlorination (AUTARCON)