1st INCOVER Innovation Workshop - July 2018


The 1st INCOVER Innovation Workshop was successfully delivered by ISLE (Isle Utilities) and hosted by IBET (Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica) at the New University of Lisbon on 5th June 2018.



The Innovation Workshops brought together end-user organisations, specifically water companies, from across Europe and connected them directly with INCOVER technology partners.





At the Lisbon Innovation Workshop, the three INCOVER case studies were presented to the water companies in attendance, followed by lively discussions and feedback for the technology development and market strategies.










ISLE (Isle Utilities) is a technology and innovation specialist whose expertise lie in accelerating the commercialisation of innovative products and services through end-user and investor engagement. As work package 5 (exploitation and dissemination) leaders, ISLE is developing strategies to facilitate rapid market access of INCOVER technologies through a number of mechanisms including 3 Innovation Workshops.