1st Summit of the Organic and Organo-mineral Fertiliser Industry in Europe (SOFIE) – 5-6 June 2019


The 1st Summit of the Organic and organo-mineral Fertiliser Industry in Europe will take place in Brussels, 5th and 6th June 2019. It is organized by ESPP and takes place back to the IFS Technical Conference.

This summit will bring together different parts of the fertiliser industry (organic, organo-mineral, mineral) and agronomists. The conference will include a presentation of the new European Fertilisers Regulation by the European Commission DG GROW. Discussions will focus on application, product and market development. The objective is to help move nutrient recycling towards identifying farmers’ needs and how secondary nutrients can be processed into forms with a market.

It is worth mentioning that there is today considerable market potential for organic fertilisers. The organic fertilisers market is estimated at 2.1 billion €/year in Europe and is expected to grow at over 4%/year to 2023.

INCOVER project will be strongly represented by our three partners involved in bio-fertilisers and phosphorus recovery: RECIRKU , DTI and RENERGIE. They will attend SOFIE summit and have a stand to pesent their companies’s products and INCOVER activities.

For more information, see : https://phosphorusplatform.eu/activities/conference/meeting-archive/1811-sofie-2019