3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference - Venice - 8-12/09



The 3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference will take place on 8-12th September, in Venice, Italy. It is jointly organized by the Polytechnic University of Marche, the University of Queensland, the University of Verona and the SMART-Plant consortium (H2020 project).

The strategic objective of the conference is to highlight the importance and showcase opportunities of embedding resource recovery as a key consideration in urban water management. The conference will bring together researchers and wastewater management experts to share their knowledge about wastewater treatment in the era of circular economy.

A key challenge is be to re-envision the role of urban water management within the circular economy, moving beyond safeguarding human and environmental health, to become a more proactive economic force through the recovery of resources embedded in (i) drinking, (ii) municipal, (iii) industrial and (iv) agricultural wastewaters. The programme of the conference will focus on topics related to recovery of the plethora of resources that can be recovered from these waste streams:

  • Pilot scale demonstration of innovative resource technologies;
  • Next generation resource recovery – breakthrough technologies and value added products;
  • Planning and implementation of next-generation resource recovery, wastewater treatment and sanitation infrastructure – global perspectives;
  • Monetization, financing and policy-making to foster resource-recovery driven circular economies;
  • Cross sectoral links and value chains – enhancing sustainability for society;
  • Economic, legislative, and societal opportunities and barriers;


INCOVER project will be represented by several partners during the conference, with several oral presentations:

Resource Recovery from Wastewater: INCOVER Project (AIMEN)

"Producing Polyhydroxyalkanoates in HRAP Retrofitted for Wastewater Treatment with Phototrophic Purple Bacteria" (IBET)

Resource recovery from wastewater in an innovative microalgae based treatment system at demonstrative scale (UPC) - TBC

Extraction and purification of PHA: Converting diverse waste-derived materials into useful products (BIOTREND) - TBC

Have a look to the full program here: