AlgaEurope conference - Amsterdam 04-06/12/18


 AQUALIA will attend AlgaEurope conference which will take place in Amsterdam, on the 04-06/12/18. 

Two posters from INCOVER project will be presented there :

- "Photosynthetic biogas upgrading in wastewater treatment plants" based on the collaborative work between UVA and AQUALIA

- "Polyhydrohyalcanoates production in HRAP retrofitted for wastewater treatment with phototrophic purple bacteria" based on the collaborative work between IBET and AQUALIA.

AQUALIA (Represented by Raul Cano) will also hold a presentation on “Carbon footprint assessment of microalgae systems for water reuse and biofertilizer production from wastewater”.

Raul Cano graduated as Chemical Engineering in 2009 and obtained his Master degree in Environmental Technology in 2011 in the University of Valladolid. He received his Doctoral degree in 2014 in the same institution studying different pretreatment techniques to enhance anaerobic digestion of different solid wastes. In 2014, he becomes part of the research team of the Department of Innovation and Technology from FCC Aqualia and worked in different projects (Smart Green Gas, Renovagas, All-gas) related with the generation of renewable biofuels from wastewater in Chiclana de la Frontera WWTP. In 2016, he starts-up the first demonstration plant from Aqualia to produce biomethane and renewable natural gas from biogas in the WWTP of Jerez de la Frontera, performing real tests in two CNG cars powered by biomethane. In 2018, he starts working as project manager in Almería to start-up a microalgae facility to obtain biofertilizer and water for reuse in El Toyo WWTP.