AquaNES Workshop : Market Needs & Potential for Natural Water Treatment Systems in Greece & the Eastern Mediterranean



Our partner AUTARCON is involved in the H2020 AquaNES project. AquaNES project will catalyze innovations in water and wastewater treatment processes and management through improved combinations of natural and engineered components.

The project is organizing a workshop on the 22nd of November, in Athens (Greece) entitled “Market Needs & Potential for Natural Water Treatment Systems in Greece & the Eastern Mediterranean”. AUTARCON will present there the research done on inline electrolysis within INCOVER project.

The Workshop will focus on the market needs and potential for natural treatment systems, particularly constructed wetlands and managed aquifer recharge, in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. The main aim of the Workshop is to disseminate AquaNES results and experience, and to translate these into the Greek context (in terms of policy conditions, regulations, community needs, and local resources). The development of links with relevant stakeholders in Greece (from policy, research institutes, utilities, industry, consulting firms) as well as with other H2020 projects, such as Hydrousa and Incover, would also be pursued, to get feedback on research topics and identify guidance needs for the further improvement of AquaNES outputs. In addition, market opportunities will be discussed and highlighted, as well as drivers and barriers for the wider implementation of natural water treatment systems in the Region.