Caminho da Inovação’18 – Expo & Networking, Lisbon


On the 26th of September, our partner SIMBIENTE will have a stand at the expo O Caminho da Inovação '18” in Lisbon. SIMBIENTE will present INCOVER project and also Life Cycle Assessment and social life cycle approaches on innovative wastewater technologies.

Within INCOVER project, a tailored-to-technology Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) and a Decision Support System (DSS) are being developed for selecting the most technical, social and cost efficient treatment solutions, and give the involved entrepreneurs valuable data for the standardization and commercialization of the technologies. Therefore, one of the exploitation objectives of INCOVER project is to develop an integrated Life Cycle Assessment (LCSA) to assess technologies’ impacts via life cycle approaches based on Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing Analysis (LCCA), and Social Life Cycle Assessment (sLCA).

Regarding the social impacts, the mentioned assessment aims to enhance social acceptance and reliability on reusing products extracted from wastewater treatment innovative processes such as bioplastics, organic acids, biocoal, biogas and nutrients, and reclaimed water for urban green spaces and agriculture by providing local governments and other relevant institutions with effective communication tools, promoting wastewater as a source of added-value products. The promotion of a more sustainable consumer behavior considering wastewater a source of added-value products shall be also carried out.