CONAMA Congress 2018


Our coordinator AIMEN will attend CONAMA Congress, in Madrid, on 26-29 November.

CONAMA 2018 is the 14th edition of the National Congress of the Environment. It one of the most famous environmental event in Spain. With more than 7,000 participants in its latest edition and a network of 493 collaborating institutions, including companies, administrations, universities, technology centers and third sector entities, Conama, as it is popularly known, has become a meeting place for the environmental sector, the sharing of knowledge and experiences and the creation of collaborative networks among diverse actors working for sustainable development in Spain and Latin America.

The Congress is organized by the Conama Foundation, a Spanish, independent and non-profit organization.

This year, a specific space (Conama Conecta) will be dedicated to the dissemination of European projects. This space will also permit to foster new collaborative ties, to share experiences and to reflect on new opportunities for innovation.