Decision Support System tool


The purpose of the Decision Support System (DSS) to be developed in INCOVER is to integrate the life-cycle sustainability assessment results of the developed technologies into a ready-to-use planning tool. The tool will be structured in a modular way so that the various technology modules can be built together modeling a full technology chain in wastewater treatment equipped with waste recovery techniques. The technology modules will be adjustable by using specific parameters, e.g. electricity, flocculants, and elements of infrastructure, that have a high influence on the performance of the technology.

These technology modules can be used either to substitute certain technology elements in an old technology chain or substitute the whole old chain with new technologies. The social, economic, and environmental consequences of substituting old technology modules or installing a complete new technology are calculated by the DSS.

Environmental results are mid-point indicators covering global warming, acidification, and eutrophication potentials, and primary energy demand. Economic impacts are capital expenditures, operation expenditures, life-cycle costs, and unit production costs. Social impacts are depicted by seven impact categories concerning social issues such as local jobs created, health and safety policies, community conflicts and engagement, society beneficiation and conflict prevention, life responsibility and information to users and locally based suppliers. Additionally, the results section will have a section of qualitative evaluation.


Interface for data input and results display of INCOVER technologies in DSS © UFZ and SIMBIENTE