A few words from INCOVER partners!


Rainer Zenthoefer, RENERGIE

Being partner in this European project, we got to know a lot about wastewater treatment and how the different parts can work together in order to offer a cost effective system. Besides this, we got to know a lot of international cooperation possibilities.”


Harris Tmoysiadis, Future Intelligence

“INCOVER was a great journey for Future Intelligence (FINT). Since our company's expertise for the project was more on the water re-use part, it brought us closer to the water supply side and work with some of the most innovative and eco-friendly treatment technologies. Moreover, it opened up a new area for  FINT regarding potential applications of Internet of Things solutions when remote monitoring and data harmonisation and unification is needed while different modular systems and technologies are installed.

I am sure INCOVER partners will keep on their fantastic research efforts to deliver eco-friendly, effective and cost-efficient apporaches and solutions for the EU and global water re-treatment sector. Climate change challenges seem to be here to stay and only a knowledge-intensive Economy and an inclusive well-informed society can address them.” 

Raúl Muñoz, UVA

«INCOVER was a unique platform to upscale photosynthetic biogas upgrading and validate our technology in collaboration with industrial partners such as AQUALIA.»