A few words from technology end-users!


Peter Vale, Severn Trent (UK)

The wastewater industry can play a leading role in the necessary transition to a circular economy. Wastewater treatment plants receive huge amounts of “waste” water that is full of potentially valuable material that can be recovered, regated, and reused. I’ve been hugely impressed with how the INCOVER project has made significant progress in successfully developing and validating a number of innovative and sustainable technologies that demonstrate the exciting potential of moving from traditional, liner wastewater treatment plants to bio-refineries that recover energy, nutrients and added-value products. Severn Trent Water hope to continue our collaboration with the INCOVER partners with a view to implementing these exciting new approaches at our wastewater treatment plants.”

Cristina Gonçalves, Aguas do Norte

Norberta Coehlo, Aguas do Norte

The INCOVER project workshops provided a unique overview of innovative technologies and products targeting both current environmental needs and the concerns of water utilities. We are partnering within INCOVER to assess the applicability of the proposed solutions in the Wastewater Treatment System and expect project results to further contribute to our common goal to address efficiency and environmental concerns.”

Jesús Sánchez Rubal, Canal Isabel II (Spain)

INCOVER is a really interesting project to achieve a valuable and more environmentally friendly wastewater treatment.”

Jean-Jacques Bellayer, Bourges Plus (France)

I have the feeling to work to design the treatment stations of tomorrow at the best cost and with the weakest environmental impact: it is important to build a better future! These INCOVER workshops were an opportunity to meet not only passionate and friendly people but also promising technologies.