Final INCOVER Innovation Workshop - 10 July 2019


The third and final Innovation Workshop for the H2020 INCOVER Project was held in Almeria, Spain. The agenda included a site visit to El Toyo WWTP (one of the project demonstration sites) and a Masterclass on financial support opportunities to accelerate commercialisation.

The Innovation Workshops brought together end-user organisations, specifically municipal water companies, from across Europe and connected them directly with INCOVER technology partners to facilitate lively discussions and feedback for the development of their solutions and market strategies.

In addition to the site visit to El Toyo WWTP, the agenda for the final workshop included:

  • Presentation of post-INCOVER strategies for the commercialisation of the technologies developed;
  • Showcase of 3 INCOVER technologies with different post-INCOVER strategies:  - One end-user collaboration identified within the project, for activities after INCOVER;- One market-ready product;- One needing further development and funding.
  • A Masterclass on financial support opportunities to accelerate commercialisation was delivered by an expert in the field and tailored to the needs of the consortium.



Site visit


Innovation Workshop Meeting


Masterclass session


Thanking external contributors




The Innovation Workshops developed for INCOVER has facilitated collaboration between a technology end-user (Severn Trent, Innovation Workshop participant) and developers of the Sol-gel adsorption media (DTI and Aarhus University). Severn Trent expressed interest in testing the P adsorption media at its labs, followed by a pilot at its site. Confidentiality agreements are being finalised to commence with this work.


INCOVER Innovation Workshop contributors

Bourges Plus (France), OIEAU (France), Catalan Water Agency (Spain), Rincent Water and Environment (France), Canal de Isabel II (Spain), Severn Trent (UK), Águas do Norte (Portugal), Aarhus Vand (Denmark), International Impact Partners (France)


Contact details for more information

ISLE (Isle Utilities) is a technology and innovation specialist whose expertise lie in accelerating the commercialisation of innovative products and services through end-user and investor engagement. As work package 5 (exploitation and dissemination) leaders, ISLE is develope strategies to facilitate rapid market access of INCOVER technologies through a number of mechanisms including the 3 Innovation Workshops.

Ms. Babi Uku (, Work Package 5 Leader.

Dr Blanca Antizar (, Chair of the Innovation Board.