INCOVER project presented in CYCLALG project workshop



Prof. Ivet Ferrer presented the INCOVER project in the CYCLALG workshop held in Pau (France) in April the 15th.

Prof. Ivet Ferrer in the CYCLALG workshop, Pau (France), April 15th


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CYCLALG is a R+D+i project that aims at developing and validating technological processes to improve the economic profitability and environmental sustainability of microalgae cultures. CYCLALG proposes an integral use of microalgal biomass to obtain various valuable bioproducts for the chemical, energy and agro-fishery industries, thereby favouring microalgae farming within a Biorefinery framework. CYCLALG has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Funder (FEDER) via the Interreg Programme POCTEFA 2014-2020.


The workshop was organized by APESA (Association Pour L’Environment et la Securite en Aquitaine), and the Group of Environmental Engineering and Microbiology of the UPC was invited to participate and present the INCOVER project. Prof. Ivet Ferrer gave an overview of the INCOVER project with focus on case-study 1 pilot plant located at the Agròpolis UPC Campus (Viladecans, Barcelona). The processes and technologies implemented in case-study 1, along with the main results, were presented and discussed with the participants and partners of the CYCLALG project.