Joint meeting with SMART-Plant project


A strong link has been established between INCOVER and SMART-Plant projects and a joint meeting will be held in Lisbon, 6th June 2018. This will be a great opportunity to exchange information and boost the innovative aspects of two projects that aim to move wastewater treatment from being primarily a sanitation technology towards a bio-product recovery industry. 

The SMART-Plant, acronym of “Scale-up of low-carbon footprint MAterial Recovery Techniques in existing wastewater treatment PLANTs” is another H2020 project funded in the call WATER-2015. 

SMART-plant aims to scale-up and demonstrate eco-innovative solutions to upgrade wastewater treatment plants. Nine pilot low-carbon footprint systems will be applied in the real environment, in five different wastewater treatment plants with the aim of optimizing wastewater treatment, resource recovery, energy-efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through these processes, a comprehensive portfolio comprising of biopolymers, cellulose, fertilizers and intermediates will be recovered and processed up to the final commercial end products.

The SMART-Plant project promotes the energy efficient wastewater resource recovery concept, through the technology platform developed within existing plants to eventually prompt the development of new products and business opportunities.

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