POWER Idea Contest for sustainable communities – Help INCOVER project to win the contest!


In March 2019, INCOVER project was selected as finalist for the POWER Idea Contest for sustainable communities, among 140 participants! The INCOVER idea received more than 30 likes and 20 comments. Thank you all for your support!

INCOVER is now competing for the second and last phase of the contest. This second phase consists in creating a short video (or audio or a presentation) that explains the project to the Sabadell POWER community and once again collect feedback for it.

By the end of May, watch the INCOVER video, post a comment and you will give us a chance to win the contest!

Watch the INCOVER project video here: https://sabadell.baseform.com/?location=challenge&loadP=2840&cId=2702

This contest is part of the EU funded POWER (Political and sOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges) project that explores the use of community-driven digital platforms to share knowledge and experience on water-related issues. This contest is looking for new ideas or examples for existing projects that help local communities become more sustainable. INCOVER project idea has been submitted in the category “Water Sustainability”.

The 10 contest winners will be invited to the POWER conference that will take place in Brussels on October 9 and 10, 2019. There, they will present their ideas and network with potential supporters who could help them further develop and implement their ideas.