Second Advisory Board Meeting in Lisbon



The second Advisory Board (AB) meeting of the project took place on 5th June 2018 at the premises of the New University of Lisbon (FCT-NOVA)  in Portugal. The meeting was attended by the project’s AB members from WssTP, Agracor, Aguas do Porto, EurEau, COPA-COGECA, and the Region of Attica, as well as the project partners.

The meeting was composed of interactive sessions to better establish the link between the AB members’ expertise and the INCOVER project’s needs. This included a World Café set-up with three round tables representing the three case studies, where relevant discussions took place relating to the products and technologies as well as their market uptake. The meeting concluded with two presentations by AB members on the following topics:


  • Andrea Rubini, representing WssTP spoke on ‘The Value of Water – WssTP’s water vision and its implications for INCOVER’;
  • Adriano Battilani, representing COPA-COGECA, provided a contribution entitled ‘On the way to a new legal instrument for water reuse in the EU’.

Andrea Rubini's presentation


From left to right : Andrea Rubini (WssTP), Adriano Battilani (Copa-Cogeca), Ioanna Chalari (Region of Attica), Vânia Morais (Aguas do Porto), Francis Meerburg (EurEau), André Santos (Agraçor)