Second Innovation Workshop


The 2nd INCOVER Innovation Workshop, hosted by Aqualia, will be held on Wednesday 27 February in Jerez, Spain.

A site visit to the El Torno WWTP in Chiclana (Case study 2) will form part of the day’s agenda.








El Torno WWTP (Case study 2 site)
PHA production (through phototrophic purple bacteria ponds) and extraction
Biomethane production through innovative biogas upgrading
Digestate stabilisation and nutrient recovery through evaporative planted filter system


The Innovation Workshops bring together end-user organisations, specifically municipal water companies, from across Europe and connect them directly with INCOVER technology partners to facilitate lively discussions and feedback for future development and market strategies.

ISLE (Isle Utilities) is a technology and innovation specialist whose expertise lie in accelerating the commercialisation of innovative products and services through end-user and investor engagement. As Work Package 5 (exploitation and dissemination) leaders, ISLE is responsible for the delivery of the INCOVER Innovation Workshops.