Technical meeting in Leipzig - November 2018


On the 26th and 27th of November 2018, all INCOVER partners met in Leipzig, for a technical meeting, in UFZ’s facilities. It was an opportunity for each of them to provide updates on the progress of each case study and development of the technologies.

All technologies (except HTC system) are implemented on the sites and technical partners are working on them in order to achieve their best performance. In some processes, like PBRs and HRAPs, several operation strategies are being validated for the proper PHA accumulation in the biomass. It is interested to remark that biogas upgrading has provided good results regarding the CO2 and H2S removal and now a process control software is being designed in order to prevent destabilisation periods.


The aim is to continue the operation of the 3 Cases studies in order to validate all INCOVER technologies.


A colleague from AIMEN took the opportunity to be there to do some tests with spectrophotometer with samples coming from the bioreactor of the yeast based citric acid process in Case-Study 3.  Indeed, FTIR Spectroscopy is used to monitor different stages of the fermentation process and to evaluate the concentration of citric acid.


 IBC bioreactor for citric acid production in Leipzig, case-study 3 © OIEau


Samples from the bioreactor with yeast biomass (green rack) and biomass free citric acid solution (yellow rack) © OIEau


Test with FTIR spectroscopy © OIEau 

The tests were successful and high concentration of citric acid was detected directly into bioreactor samples without any previous sample preparation.


Moreover, a lucky few attendees had the opportunity to see the opening of Leipzig Christmas market!