Water Innovation Europe 2019


Water Innovation Europe, the WssTP annual conference, will take place in Brussels on the 12th and 13th of June. The event will bring together all the aspects of the water sector: scientists and technology developers, utility representatives, large water users, European Public authorities, civil society organizations and finance experts.

The theme of this edition is “Water Meets Energy, Energy Meets Water”. The conference will tackle the water-energy nexus. Participants will explore the interdependencies between water and energy services and how we can build environments that will promote cross-fertilization in the management of both resources, as well as how water services and energy services can join efforts to achieve a society that is both water-smart and energy-smart.

Our partner AIMEN will present INCOVER project there and its results, emphasizing its contribution to the water-energy nexus, through INCOVER specific technologies for energy recovery (anaerobic co-digestion and photosynthetic biogas upgrading system).

For more info see: https://waterinnovationeurope.eu/