Francis Meerburg - Research Study Responsible in Research and Development (R&D)

Francis Meerburg works for the R&D department of Aquafin NV, which treats the domestic wastewater of Flanders. His research interests are innovative sludge treatment options and recovery of organics, nitrogen and phosphorus.(Acting as INCOVER Advisory Board member on behalf of Greet De Gueldre, co-chair of the Committee on Wastewater, EurEau).


EurEau is the voice of Europe’s drinking water and waste water service operators. Its members provide water services to >400 million people and reflect the diverse private and public water service industry across 29 EU/EFTA countries. EurEau promotes the common interests of the European water service sector to the EU institutions and stakeholders, enables its members to deal with opportunities and threats arising from EU policies and their national implementation, and supports members’ networking activities

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