Advisory board

The main purpose of the Advisory Board is to help overcome (legal, institutional, political, public perception, etc.) barriers to the application and outscaling of innovative INCOVER technologies, products, and tools and thus facilitate the paradigm shift to perceiving and managing waste water as a valuable resource instead of as a nuisance to be disposed of as quickly as possible.

  • Adriano Battilani - Senior Researcher and Project Manager - COPA-COGECA

    Adriano Battilani has been carrying out research on precision irrigation, fertigation, water reuse, development of DSS and models since 1982. His current appointments are: European Innovation Partnership (EIP) water representative of the European Farmers’ Association (Copa-Cogeca) and the Italian Association of Reclamation Board (ANBI); Coordinator of the EIP Water Action Group WIRE (AG112); General secretary of the international association Irrigants d’Europe.

  • Andrea Rubini - Technical Director - WssTP - EUROPEAN WATER TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM

    Andrea Rubini, Water Resource D.Eng., is a Senior European Policy Expert with long experience in water management, energy, food security and the related nexus. He has gained more than 20 years of experience in the multi-level European lobbying context. His previous experience overseas with the UNDP and other international organisations completes his profile. 

  • Francis Meerburg - Research Study Responsible in Research and Development (R&D) - EUREAU

    Francis Meerburg works for the R&D department of Aquafin NV, which treats the domestic wastewater of Flanders. His research interests are innovative sludge treatment options and recovery of organics, nitrogen and phosphorus.(Acting as INCOVER Advisory Board member on behalf of Greet De Gueldre, co-chair of the Committee on Wastewater, EurEau).

  • Ioanna Chalari - Environmental Inspector- - Region of Attica

    Ioanna Chalari holds a Phd in Chemistry and two Master’s degrees one in Polymer Chemistry and one in Waste Management. She works in the Directorate for Environment and Climate Change of Region of Attica as an inspector responsible for the implementation and enforcement of European and National environmental legislation. (Acting as Incover Advisory Board member on behalf of Argiro Paraskevopoulou, Head of Directorate for Environment and Climate Change, Region of Attica, Greece).

  • Lucia Sobrados Bernardos - Coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Programme in the Water Technologies Area - CEDEX

    Lucia Sobrados holds a PhD in Chemistry and has the following main work areas at the Centre for Hydrographic Studies:

    -Control and energy use in WWTPs;

    -Evaluation and reduction of the production of greenhouse gases arising from the different activities related to the WWTPs;

    -Wastewater treatments research applied to small communities;

    -Treatment and management of sludge from WWTPs.


  • Nicolau Lima - Director of Quality, Environment and HACCP in the Finançor Group - AGRACOR

    • Representative of Agraçor- Suínos dos Açores, SA, in the Council of Partners of the Regulatory Body of the Services of Water and Waste of the Azores - ERSARA


    • Environmental responsibility in:

    - Pondel, Avícola de Ponta Delgada, Lda

    -Agraçor, Suínos dos Açores, Lda

    - Granpon, Farm Avicola of Ponta Delgada, Lda

    - Noviçor, Novilhos dos Açores, SA

    - Altiprado - Agro-Livestock Company of Achada das Furnas, S.A.

    - Aviário da Ribeira Grande, Lda• Director of Quality at the former Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões, S.A


    • Sales Technician at Equiporave Cattle Equipment Company - Grupo Valouro



    Nicolau Lima is represented by Andre Santos in the Advisory Board


    André Santos received the B.E., M.E., degrees in Energy Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro. 

    He joined Agraçor – Suínos dos Açores, S.A., in 2014 and is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the biogas and wastewater plant.



  • Vânia Morais - Environmental Engineer - AGUAS DO PORTO

    Vânia Morais holds a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. She worked in the operation of municipal wastewater treatment plants, including laboratory work and control of treatment processes. Since 2016, she works in the team responsible for the management of Porto’s WWTP operations and maintenance contracts.