Lucia Sobrados Bernardos - Coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Programme in the Water Technologies Area

Lucia Sobrados holds a PhD in Chemistry and has the following main work areas at the Centre for Hydrographic Studies:

-Control and energy use in WWTPs;

-Evaluation and reduction of the production of greenhouse gases arising from the different activities related to the WWTPs;

-Wastewater treatments research applied to small communities;

-Treatment and management of sludge from WWTPs.



The Centre for Hydrographic Studies (CEH) is the Unit within the Centre for Studies and Experimentation on Public Works (CEDEX) that specialises in matters concerning inland waters: water resources, flood risk assessment, water planning, hydraulic infrastructures safety, river hydraulics, aquatic environment and water technologies. CEDEX is part of the Spanish General State Administration. It is an Autonomous Organism of the Public Works Ministry and it gives advice and supports in environmental engineering to the Spanish Administration.

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